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Will Hurd is running for President

In 2020 I created a portrait of former Congressman Will Hurd, who announced he was running for President of the United States today.

Portrait of Will Hurd
Will Hurd, Presidential Candidate, from 2020

I'm so grateful that Will chose to sit in our studio and get a portrait plus a headshot that he uses for his Twitter profile.

Headshot of Will Hurd
Will Hurd Headshot

People in San Antonio love Will, both Democrats and Republicans. He has consistently shown himself as a deep thinker and one who cares about the USA. We don't take sides at the studio, as we feel all people from all walks of life deserve a dignified legacy if they feel their legacy has value for future generations.

I can't guarantee you'll run for President if you get a portrait from us, but I'll take the same care and thoughtfulness to benefit your legacy as we have done for Will Hurd.

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