In 2012, Kevin started a collaboration with a fabulous orchid grower, E.D. Huntington Orchids and Tropicals, to create a Limited Edition Collection of exotic orchids and select other flowering plants. The resulting collection of Fine Art Prints is the result of many hours of painstaking work, creating composite images from multiple photographs that are combined into one final image that looks like a painting.


The goal was to create a trio of prints from an orchid plant: a large image of the plant and two smaller images of the bloom, plus a close-up of the bloom. Most of the orchids in the collection have this trio of images that can be grouped or hung individually on a wall.


The largest images in the collection range from 54-120 inches on the long side and are part of a limited edition of six prints. They are also available in the next size edition, which is 40-53 inches on the long side, and fifteen prints are available. We have another smaller edition from 31-40 inches on the long side, and that edition contains 25 prints, while finally our smallest edition is 30 inches on the long side and contains 100 prints.


This gallery shows all the completed orchid photographs, and we invite you to contact us if you have

specific questions and interest in a print or prints that speak to you.


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