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A Comparative Analysis: Kevin G Saunders' Portraits vs. Traditional Painter's Portraits

Updated: May 9

If you commission a portrait from a painter, camera photography will likely be involved in the process.

Why is this? It takes days upon weeks to complete a proper sitting, which does not fit the pace of today's society, to achieve the results of dynamic portraits.

A major and glaring issue with commissioning a painting is that the portrait is paid for before any knowledge of what the portrait would look like. This could mean thousands of dollars wasted when you realize that you hate the results.

Our ultra-modern processes remove the uncertainty: we use a custom-made camera with limited production lenses that took a decade to acquire. We achieve the emotion and intent before the portrait is commissioned and project the image on the wall. You see in real-time what is possible because we understand you don't commission wall portraits often in a lifetime.

We review a range of sizes to determine which best represents your legacy and overlay frames over the projection for complete confirmation. After this, you can commission your portrait, pay for it, and we begin the work.

Allow us to create a physical, authentic piece of art with you that will be relevant next to a 100-year-old portrait and good enough to stand the test of time for the next couple hundred years, telling your story with dignity.


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