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Private Jet over Dubai bringing Kevin G Saunders to visit


When I started making grand scale fine art portraits I always knew I had a global clientele of people who want the best and appreciate my work and capabilities. At first, I relied on San Antonio as a destination city, but I always had an eye to being able to visit discerning clients internationally whose time was worth so much that it was a better decision to bring me to them than ask them to come to me. 


While I have an amazing studio in San Antonio, I planned ahead and created the ability to duplicate my studio concept around the world as a "pop up". I can rent studios, use meeting spaces in hotels, use indoor basketball or tennis courts at finer homes, the possibilities are endless. 

I then created a concept where I could cluster portraits around a trip to a major city. I have completed a Remote Studio that allows me to create portraits anywhere in the world. There are two ways this can be achieved, as a solo commission or a group commission. 

Solo Commission: I can travel anywhere in the world to create portraits with my Remote Studio. I charge a Location Fee based on two factors: 1) The distance from my home base in San Antonio and 2) The cost of renting remote studio space in the location plus my travel costs. I don't wish to make this a profit center but the costs are significant and are passed on directly. 

I have a set location fee for Solo Commissions in Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York, and other major cities. The location fee for international travel is quoted based on individual requirements. 

For groups of people who wish to commission me to create portraits in a single trip, I can waive the location fee or split it amongst the group. Currently, only three markets are eligible for waived location fees: 

1) Dallas and Houston, a minimum of three 30 x 40 portraits plus frames with sessions booked "back to back".
2) Miami, a minimum of 5 30 x 40 portraits plus frames with sessions booked "back to back". 

"Back to back" means that slots will be created based on studio availability and they will be the only available slots. Cancellations or postponements mean that the location fee plus a cancellation fee will be charged. 

For larger groups or International bookings, I have outlined an "Ambassador" program which is  outlined here, specifying the things I need this special person to do. That person will be compensated fairly and they will become a part of each portrait client's story. The US-based Visionary performs a much simpler role as is outlined on our Dallas Portrait page, Houston Portrait page, Miami Portrait page. More US-based Visionary pages will be added as we grow in reach. At this level, portraits are all about the story. This is why I say it is a movie with one frame.



The minimum space needed in a remote location is one space 30 x 50, or two spaces, one 30 x 35 and the other 12 x 25. The larger spaces need at least 13-foot ceilings. Three 20 amp electrical circuits are required. Kevin's remote studio is completely self-contained, so all equipment can be brought from the San Antonio headquarters. 

Remote Color Lighting Diagram Signature

Color Studio

Remote Black and White Lighting Diagram

Black and White Studio

Private Jet coming to KGS Studios


For clients who have their own airplane, it may be logistically simpler to send it to me and we can load up my gear and go anywhere in the world. I'm aware that the value of your time may be such that we need to go to great lengths to accommodate and I'm up to the challenge. We have many Fixed Base Operators in San Antonio and I can coordinate with your aviation department and make this happen. 

The equipment, portrait samples, easels, frame samples, etc., are too big and heavy to pack as standard luggage on a commercial flight. I can work out on an individual basis what we need to bring for your particular trip.

At present, the combination of color and black and white studio equipment comprises 32 travel cases plus 3 sample 30 x 40-inch framed portraits and easels. The weight is approximately 2,000 lbs. 


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