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When I started making fine art portraits I always knew I had a global clientele of people who want the best and appreciate my work and capabilities. At first, I relied on San Antonio as a destination city but when Covid arrived, everything changed. I spent 2020 creating the ability to travel anywhere in the world and create a portrait that is indistinguishable from one created in my headquarters studio. 

I also built rental studio arrangements around Texas where I can bring all my equipment, plus major markets such as New York City where I can rent the space and rent their lights and gear. 

Here is an outline of the mechanics of location shooting as a studio portrait artist. Location fees will be highly variable based on the time and effort required to procure and outfit a space and the challenges of travel in the pandemic. 



I have studio arrangements in Texas that are different from the rest of the country. In Austin, Dallas/Ft Worth, and Houston there are professional rental studios that will allow me to bring my lights, backdrop, and gear and set up shop quite easily. In the Rio Grande Valley, it is possible to rent hotel meeting room space and achieve the same result. 



Most major cities have rental studios and all have hotel meeting spaces that can accommodate my studio needs and your need for convenience and a great experience. Every location will be different and logistically it may be better to bring my gear or rent it locally. 



The minimum space needed to do a remote studio is 25 feet wide by 35 feet deep, with high ceilings (greater than 12 feet is preferred). Electrical requirements are not unreasonable and I can work with 120 or 240 volt systems. 


Remote Color Lighting Diagram Signature

Color Studio

Remote Black and White Lighting Diagram

Black and White Studio


For clients who have their own airplane, it may be logistically simpler to send it to me and we can load up my gear and go anywhere in the world. I'm aware that the value of your time may be such that we need to go to great lengths to accommodate and I'm up to the challenge. We have many Fixed Base Operators in San Antonio and I can coordinate with your aviation department and make this happen.