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Private Jet sent to bring Kevin G Saunders to clients in Dubai


Kevin G Saunders has been preparing for years to create an international presence with his fine art portraiture, similar to the results created by Yousuf Karsh and John Singer Sargent in the last century. The tradition of large fine art wall portraits has been cherished by discerning and prominent individuals and families for centuries and at a time when traditions are being discarded, fewer and fewer people are capable of creating portraits of this quality.

In 2014, Kevin started down the pathway to earn the reputation of Master Portrait Artist of the 21st Century. Through years of honing his craft, he acquired the skills and the equipment to perform at the world-class level that his clients perform. The pandemic created the pause and the opportunity to mount an international campaign that is sustainable and appreciated by those who seek the best of the best.

Kevin’s studio atmosphere has been recreated for location work, and while there is still a lot of equipment, the one-of-a-kind backdrop that defines Kevin’s signature work has been duplicated in a portable format. The space and electrical requirements have been defined and now, Kevin can travel anywhere in the world to create these unique and special portraits in black and white or color.

10 x 10

To justify the trip, Kevin defined a schedule of a maximum of 10 International trips a year, with at least 10 portrait commissions per trip. The logic is to find the most prominent and discerning people in the world and then exceed their expectations with a portrait that will define them for generations to come.

Each target city will require a local Ambassador who can facilitate Kevin’s travel to the city and find and coordinate with the 10 subjects. The number 10 is a minimum and unlimited portrait sessions are possible. For domestic trips, Kevin can accommodate a smaller number of subjects depending on the distance from the headquarters studio. Contact Kevin for details.

Ambassador Responsibilities

The local Ambassador will have knowledge of and access to prominent individuals who have a legacy that is worth documenting for the benefit of the individuals and the community. Here are some of the ways an Ambassador can make this trip possible both for the 10 subjects and for Kevin:


  • Visas, customs declaration, and clearance

  • Scheduling the trip and logistics with the 10 subjects

  • Arranging travel. Most likely one of the subjects can send a plane which makes the equipment transport much simpler. All 10 subjects will pay an equal share in transport, lodging, food, location rental if required, etc.

  • Translation

  • Local protocols

  • An event to honor the subjects where we can all meet prior to or after the portraits have been created.

  • Any other need that might arise so Kevin can create the portraits efficiently with the minimum time investment of the subjects.

  • Procuring the location for creating portraits. The size and electrical requirements are defined on the website.

  • The hiring of a moving team to bring the cases of equipment from the plane to the remote studio location and back when we finish. 

  • Arranging for professional local portrait hanging services, if needed.

  • The hiring of a local assistant if needed.

  • Procuring the appropriate furniture, props, and flooring. My background will be provided but we want to create the perfect set for clients. Some clients will want their own furniture to be transported to the set.


The Ambassador will receive 6% of the total price of prints, frames, and lights. Travel, lodging, location rental, Customs duty, shipping, packing, etc., are priced “as is” so this does not apply to the 6% amount. Ambassadors will receive a pro-rata portion of their fees as they are collected. The group of 10 will pay the Ambassador the 6% fee on top of the fees paid for portraits, frames, and lights. Other fees and costs such as transportation, lodging, etc., will be paid entirely by the group of 10.

A minimum of one 30" x 40" portrait plus frame and light equals approximately $23,000 USD. Each member of the group of 10 will commit to at least one portrait of this size. This will be the amount paid upfront by the group of 10 to initiate the trip. The portrait sessions are unlimited so there is no limit to the number or size of portraits created. After all portrait photography is finished and commissions defined, the difference will be wired to KGS Studios. Bitcoin is an acceptable mode of payment or international wire transfer to KGS Studios bank account. The Ambassador will also be paid the amount to include 6% of the entire order of portraits and frames at this time prior to departure.

Production will commence and when artistry is completed, digital proofs will be emailed for approval. Printing and framing will continue and the portraits will be professionally packed for shipment.

The consortium may wish to send a plane to ship the portraits. If so, Kevin will be happy to attend to help with hanging the portraits. 

Final payment for shipping and incidentals will be completed prior to shipping.


The minimum space needed to do a remote studio is 8 meters wide by 15 meters deep, with high ceilings (greater than 3 meters is preferred). Electrical requirements are not unreasonable and I can work with 120 or 240 volt systems Three discrete electrical circuits are required. Both the color and black and white studio setups use the same space. 


Remote Color Lighting Diagram Signature

Color Studio

Remote Lighting Black and White Process

Black and White Studio


Kevin G Saunders and KGS Studios unconditionally guarantees artistry, printing, framing and lighting 100 percent and will work with the client to assure complete satisfaction. There are no refunds but any warranty claims will be honored upon photographic proof of defect.


It is Kevin’s goal to have this Ambassador facilitate a trip as often as is practical and to forge a long-term strategic alliance in the field of Fine Art Portraiture.

Kevin G Saunders Signature
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