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"Exploring San Antonio's World Heritage Missions Art Collection: A Must-See Exhibit at the Airport"

Updated: May 9

Kevin G Saunders created a grand-scale contemporary art image collection of the San Antonio Missions, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015. These hyper-realistic art pieces are presented in three limited edition collection sets of five images each and were captured and rendered over the course of several months.

The collection is currently featured at the San Antonio Airport as part of a temporary holiday installation. We are actively seeking the following:

  1. The airport will place a major art piece in the new terminal that is in its final planning stages. With the strategic placement of our Grand Scale edition, San Antonio's legacy and culture can be shared with the local community and the world.

  2. Benefactors whose vision aligns with our World Heritage Missions collection in all three sizes.

Does this resonate with you? Please contact us at and let us enlighten you on this important work that will define San Antonio for hundreds of years with dignity.

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