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By Kevin G. Saunders



We Build Your Legacy for Future

Premier Portrait Studio in Dallas

Professional. Beautiful. 

Trusted By Many. Next is Yours.

Successful people create legacies. They are better at creating them than documenting them. Make it professional. Make it beautiful. And all is possible at KGS portrait photography studio.

Perfect Portraits.

Family. CEOs. Corporate Photography.

Create a professional and beautiful family portraits, canvas portraits, wedding portraits, wall art prints, corporate photography and corporate wall portraits, fine art wall portraits and more.

Now, we can help others who need their story told in a portrait and our vision translates into their own historical record. This is like a movie with one frame. Unlike a snapshot that is glanced at and forgotten, my subjects' likeness invites study and thoughtfulness.



Signature Portraits.

Perfect Shots. Premier Signature Portraits.

Great signature portraits are not just clicked, it's a creative creation of the artist who really captures the best. That is purly the artist behind the camera.  We're best in it - Genuinely.

Color. Black & White.

Family. CEOs. Corporate Photography.


While we call these "Signature" Portraits, it is your emotional signature, not that of Kevin as the artist that is the goal. Your portrait tells a story, like a movie with one frame. 


All our Signature Portraits are offered on fiber-based gelatin silver paper, created in the darkroom. No modern inkjet or giclee printer can approach the level of quality that true artisanal darkroom prints can provide.

We offer museum grade frames, lights, and nameplates befitting a portrait that represents you for hundreds of years.

Family Portraits. Saved.

Trusted By Many. Next is Yours.

We offer two types of Family portrait styles, the Renaissance Series and the Masterpiece Series. The KGS Renaissance Series celebrates the heritage of the heirloom portrait and is a true work of art. It is printed on archival canvas that will last hundreds of years.

Capture. Loved-ones.

Family. CEOs. Corporate Photography.

The KGS Masterpiece Series combines the best of the Renaissance Series and adds hand painted artistry that combined with technology, guarantees perfect proportions yet renders like a painting. These art pieces are only offered at sizes of 30" and up, so the artist can add the brush strokes and texture in a manner that will be celebrated for generations.

Framing is offered in four custom museum grade options, all closed corners and all in an antiqued gold that will enhance skin tones. At the 30" level and up, we provide a complimentary frame light and a custom 22ct gold leaf hand lettered name tag.

Blended Family Signature Portrait.jpg

Beauty Meets Perfection.

Expertise in Photography Specialties

Capture your best and beautiful moments. We do expertise and experienced - to make it premium. Kevin's extensive career as a master portrait artist provides the vision to find your story and to tell it visually with dignity for you. It has taken a lifetime for me to learn to see.

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We Create Legacies

It's NOT just a Photograph! 

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