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Grand Scale Fine Art Wall Portraits in a
New Gilded Age In Tokyo




People need to create a record of their legacy. As a master portrait artist, I've learned to "see" and have a gift that allows me to capture an emotion in a portrait that tells a story. Critics say that I'm a once-in-a-generation artist creating one in a million portraits. It's not for me to judge, so look at my work and see if it resonates with you. I work with the most discerning clients in the world and they agree that I do them justice in the likeness I create to represent them for future generations. 


Come and meet me at my headquarters studio in San Antonio, or I can meet you in Tokyo to create a grand scale high-end fine art wall portrait deserving of your legacy in this New Gilded Age.

Kevin G Saunders, Master Portrait Artist

Kevin G Saunders Artist

+1 210-853-5993 - General Inquiries
+1 888-814-0485 - Session Info and Scheduling

Please leave a detailed message if we can't answer.

Kevin G Saunders Black and White Signature Portrait
KGS Studios Signature Family Portraits
Kevin G Saunders Fine Art Orchid Collection

Video Studio Tour 

黒と白の署名ポートレートBTSとプロセス-RonNirenberg 2020
Black and White Signature Portrait BTS and Process - Ron Nirenberg 2020

Giselle "Red Carpet" Signature Portrait

BTS and Processes

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