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Notable People of San Antonio in 2020 Collection

In 2020, our studio was closed for COVID-19. We lost our staff, and Kevin worked alone to create a Notable People of San Antonio in 2020 collection. We interviewed hundreds of people, and 69 brave leaders came in and got a legacy portrait that will define them for the rest of their lives.


We hosted a small exhibition in the Brick Event Center at Blue Star Arts Complex. Below, you can find a video from that exhibit, as well as our entire Notables Collection. 

If you have a suggestion regarding a final home for this collection, contact us.

Kevin G Saunders Artist
Al Arreola
Charles Mario Henry
Amy Shaw
V. T. ‘Skip’ Wood
Robert Rivard
Suhail Arastu
Dr. Bill Gonzaba
Erica Gonzaba
Henry Cisneros
Gordon Hartman
Shetigho Nakpodia
Tammie Jo Shults
Dr. Erika Gonzalez
Robert Vela, Ed.D.
Abigail Kampmann
Elizabeth Flavin Crawford
Michael Fresher
Dr. Cynthia Teniente-Matson
Shokare Nakpodia
Michael Vlad
Casandra Matej
Garrett T Capps
Eddie Aldrete
Eric Cooper
Mehmet Oguz
Charles A. Gonzalez
Sichan Siv
Mrs. Lana Hanhan Safadi
Howie Nestel
Kelly O'Connor
Sonny Melendrez
Fr. Charles Khachan
Denette Buenrostro Ramirez
Chef Johnny Hernandez
Mayor Ron Nirenberg
Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg
Marta Prada Peláez
Rabbi Mara Nathan
The Hon Judge Peter Sakai
Shahrzad "Sherry" Dowlatshahi
Mary M. Dennis
Bart Koontz
Travis Wiltshire
Ben Peavy
Martin Landon
Mark Wittig
Rabbi Chaim Block
Leo Gomez
Dominique Liu
Bill Moll
David Bohne
Dr. Pat LeMay Burr
Will Hurd
Nicolas Hollis
Clarence R. (Reggie) Williams
G.P.  Singh
Pamela Espurvoa Allen
Gisela Girard
Lauren Lefton
Al Aguilar
Paula Gold-Williams
Arthur Emerson
Joyce Slocum and Belle
Joe Bernal
Janie Barrera
George Hernandez
Jim Perschbach
Mona Helmy
Mike Novak
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