Notable People of San Antonio in 2020 Gallery

The collection is going to be hung in a prominent public place in San Antonio in 2021, but public places are different now since we have had the pandemic. We want to share the collection with everyone as it grows so here are finished portraits shown here for the first time. All of these have been printed and framed so we will be ready to hang the collection early in January. Thanks to all who have taken part in this important body of work. 

Al Arreola
Charles Mario Henry
Amy Shaw
Skip Wood
Robert Rivard
Suhail Arastu
Dr. Bill Gonzaba
Erica Gonzaba
Henry Cisneros
Gordon Hartman
Shetigho Nakpodia
Tammie Jo Shults
Dr. Erika Gonzalez
Robert Vela, Ed.D.
Abigail Kampmann
Elizabeth Crawford
Michael Fresher
Dr. Cynthia Teniente-Matson
Shokare Nakpodia
Michael Vlad
Casandra Matej
Garrett T Capps
Eddie Aldrete
Eric Cooper
Mehmet Oguz
Charles A. Gonzalez
Sichan Siv
Lana Safadi
Howie Nestel
Kelly O'Connor
Fr. Charles Khachan
Denette Buenrostro Ramirez
Chef Johnny Hernandez
Mayor Ron_ Nirenberg
Gisela Girard
Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg
Marta Prada Palaez


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