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When considering fine art wall portraits it is sometimes challenging to visualize what the final art piece will look like on a wall. We use projection to show you various sizes of portraits and we can also utilize a photograph of your proposed location to make it even easier and more accurate. Look at the video presentation below and see how easy it is. To request an invitation to the SendMyRooms™ app, here is an email link.

Using Technology to Visualize Your Portraits

Using Technology to Visualize Your Portraits

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Looking at the images below taken from our studio, we can project the image alone and place a real frame around it or create a digital frame and use the image in a room view. Imagine your room picture serving as the background so you can see the portrait to scale in the room or actual size.

Image of a projected portrait created at KGS Studios.
A projected Signature Portrait created at KGS Studios to visualize the proper size.
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