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HTTX 97442
"From Sea to Shining Sea"

Limited edition #1 of 2. Candidate for "Most Expensive Photograph in the World"

HTTX 97842 Most Expensive Photograph in the world

HTTX 97442 is a color photograph made by visual artist Kevin G Saunders in San Antonio, Texas, in 2012. It is a limited edition, with this print being number 1 of 2, printed on canvas, mounted on Dibond composite paneling, and framed. The image size is 98 x 60 inches.

In the image, a single-point perspective is featured with the coupling of two antiquated and dilapidated rail cars. Two more similar rail cars are shown. The horizontal lines are a combination of the rail cars and six rail lines.

The rail flatcar was the vehicle that populated the central and western United States. Without rail cars, sufficient quantities of materials and goods could not be transported in scale throughout the rugged landscape.

The story behind HTTX 97442 is that of the building of America and its current state of decline, shown simultaneously in grand scale. Only one of the rail lines is operational. The flatcars' condition represents the hubris of the country at present, and the dilapidated rails represent the infrastructure in general.

The remaining image, #2 of 2, has yet to be printed at an undetermined size.


Kevin Saunders says about the image, “I was atop a grain elevator at the time and was creating a multi-shot panorama of the San Antonio skyline, and when I finished that project, I was packing up my equipment and looked down. I saw that image in my head. There was only one place to put the tripod; hence, this was the only possible composition.”

Signature and Edition Number of HTTX 97842

Detail of signature and image number/date. This is embedded into the image. The framed print is offered for sale at $14,000,000. Crating and shipping are the responsibility of the purchaser. KGS Studios will assist in marketing the #2 of 2 print for resale and auction to the benefit of the purchaser. The proceeds will be split 50/50. Insurance on the print is the responsibility of the purchaser if the print is to remain in the custody of KGS Studios. The goal is to get the print placed in a museum and promote it internationally.

Payment in full is expected prior to the transfer of ownership. A bill of sale and certificate of authenticity will be created and jointly signed by the purchaser and Kevin G Saunders, President of KGS Studios. Payment by wire transfer to the business bank account owned by KGS Studios.

Since this print will be the “most expensive photograph in the world” at present, the purchaser will assist KGS Studios with the release of proof of purchase, though the identity of the purchaser can be anonymous.

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