Can you come to my city and create a portrait? I see you have other locations listed on the website. 
We are marketing our Signature Portraits across the US and around the world. We recently have developed contracts with rental studios in major cities across the country. Now, a client can commission us for significant works, and we can come to their city to save them time. Because of the cost of renting these studios, we cannot rent a studio for an in-kind donation of portraits and portrait sessions to charities. Therefore, all sessions resulting from donations must be performed in our San Antonio studio at this time.


You use "hot lights". Are they really hot?
We do use continuous lighting in the form of vintage movie lights. They are called "hot lights" in the industry and while we will eventually transition to LED, currently they are hot. We have a process to keep subjects from overheating under the lights and it works well.
Why do you use that view camera? Isn't it harder to use?
The view camera is part of the process. Karsh and Hurrell used them in the 20th century and Stieglitz used them in the 19th century. Kevin loves the way the camera forces a slower and more deliberate approach.
How long does a session last?
Around an hour to hour and a half, plus makeup time if needed. Note, for "Red Carpet" Signature portraits for women, we schedule longer session times to accommodate hair and makeup requirements.
Can I have my whole family photographed as a Signature Portrait?
Absolutely. We will have a staff creating our Masterpiece line, but Kevin's Signature portraits are all created by him.
Do you print Signature Portraits in color?
Yes. Kevin's Signature Portraits are available in color, especially his "Red Carpet" collection. They are lit for color and it is possible to get black and white and color portraits in the same session.
Do I get a digital file?
At the 30" size and larger, we release a digital file as a proof. We can provide a file for those wanting a smaller portrait, for a fee.
What frames are available?
We offer contemporary frames that are museum quality and closed corners, providing a unique look. At the 30" size and larger, we add a frame light and custom nameplate.

Do I get a digital file?
At the 30" size and larger, we release a digital file as a proof. We can provide a file for those wanting a smaller portrait, for a fee.
Why the Dress Code?
A timeless heirloom portrait will be compared to other formal portraits over the decades and we encourage people to dress in a manner that is elegant and dignified.
Do you charge a session fee?
How many portraits can we get in a session?
We will make as many portraits as you wish in a session. For instance, we can have a full family, mom and dad, kids group and individual portraits all in the same session. The files will be kept and is available should a portrait be purchased in the future.
When will my portrait be finished?
We ask for four to five months to complete your portrait.
Are frames available?
Yes. We offer many different frames that are museum grade with closed corners. At the 30" size and larger, we add a frame light and custom 22ct gold leaf nameplate.


How do you print your art?
We can print Grand Scale art on many different substrates. Indoor images can be printed on canvas, metal, glass or other substances. We have the ability to print on "Gorilla Glass" from the inside to allow outside Public Art installations that are vandalism resistant.
Are they suitable for public art?
Of course. We compete with large sculpture murals and can provide a cost-effective art piece that will have a very predictable positive experience from all types of viewers.
What is a print license?
We sell a print license and then charge a percentage of the installation costs. The license becomes active again when a print must be removed or replaced. We charge a percentage of follow-on installation costs but the license is perpetual.
Who is your competition?
We know of no viable competitors in our Grand Scale Contemporary Art field and we compete with sculptures and murals in the public art arena.
Do you do work "on spec" or do you only do commissions?
We have done both. Our World Heritage Missions project was done on spec. We can be commissioned to create a Grand Scale work anywhere in the world.
Are there smaller versions?
Sometimes. We can create limited editions in smaller sizes to support a grand scale work or limited edition set.
What are lead times?
Our work is usually completed within 4-5 months of the completion of image capture. Design, engineering, and installation may depend on other factors outside our control, so lead times vary.
How long do the prints last?
This depends on the medium and the location. Our canvas prints can last for hundreds of years.
What is the biggest Grand Scale image done to date?
Fifty feet wide at 300 DPI.