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John Singer Sargent perfected the Grand Scale Fine Art Portrait in the 1880s. Yousuf Karsh perfected the concept of portraiture of Heads of State and other notable people in the 1940s through 1980s.


Kevin has perfected the "Grand Scale" fine art wall portrait that was popular in the Gilded Age. We are in a New Gilded Age and while not everyone wants a massive wall portrait, the skills, and technology needed to produce a 120" portrait scale down to smaller sizes, not the other way around. These are the best of the best with no compromise. 


While we call these "Signature" Portraits, it is your emotional signature, not that of Kevin as the artist that is the goal. Your portrait tells a story, like a movie with one frame. It should invite thoughtful study and Kevin has the ability to tell this story based on you.


For a portrait to be considered "Signature" for KGS Studios, they must be 30" x 40" or larger. The technology involved in my most enormous portraits available up to 120 inches in length scales down to ensure no loss of detail, down to 11" x 14".
All our Black and White Signature Portraits are offered on fiber-based gelatin silver paper, created in the darkroom. No modern inkjet or giclee printer can approach the level of quality that true artisanal darkroom prints can provide. Our Color Signature Portraits are printed on the finest canvas available.
We offer museum-grade frames, lights, and nameplates befitting a portrait that represents you for hundreds of years.

Sessions last about an hour to an hour and a half. We recommend that you or your assistant visit the studio in advance of the session if possible. Many notable individuals have time constraints, and we respect them but ask that you give us the time to find who "you" are.


Please review our "Studio Tour" video here to familiarize yourself with the process, then press the button below to schedule a complimentary consultation with Kevin.


Charlie Gonzalez
Karim Wasfi
Mayor Ivy Taylor
Esteban Lopez
Leland Stone
Suhail Arastu
Sebastian Lang-Lessing
Anders Lilliberg
Joe Da Rosa
Rudy Garza
Leticia Van de Putte
Robert Tatum
Paula DeAnda
Mark Lodge
Joseph Bray
John Lockhart
Jade Wilson
Brett Fatool


Felicia Ballerina

We created our black and white Signature Portraits for a certain clientele and we found that some wanted our best of the best in color as well. Our color Signature Portraits are shown here. 


Kevin commented that his mother had a painted wall portrait hanging above the family piano for 50 years and he wanted to create a "Red Carpet" line featuring solo portraits of women in color. This also has become one of our Signature offerings. The largest Grand Scale fine art wall portraits tend to be in our Red Carpet line, reflected in our New Gilded Age.
We offer contemporary frames as well and at the 24" x 30" size and larger, we provide complimentary frame lights and a custom gold leaf hand-lettered nameplate. Custom frame lights designed around the portrait are available also.

The Signature Portrait session is focused on creating your dignified legacy and Kevin has the ability to find your emotional signature and capture it respectfully. Contact us for more information and booking advice. 

Signature Portrait of San Antonio Couple
Abigail Kampmann
Gigi Boothe
Felicia McBride
Christopher with Saxes Signature Portrai
Bridal Signature Portrait
Gigi Boothe
Ivy Taylor
Steve O'Donnell
Emma Carr
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