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Your Story Matters


The work produced by Kevin G Saunders is for visionaries: those individuals who have a clear vision of themselves. Our insightful clients choose how others will perceive their legacy for centuries.

Since the invention of digital cameras, traditional wall portraits have experienced a massive decline in relevance. However, as the pendulum returns to support this medium in a New Gilded Age, we are now at the forefront of a revolution of excellence in portraiture.

Our portrait creations are competitive in price and quality with the finest portrait paintings in the world. Kevin's work is investment-grade fine art; you are not only the collector but the subject as well.

We provide a world-class experience, resulting in a one-of-a-kind portrait that can stand the test of time,
define your legacy, and represent you with dignity.

Join us at our home studio in San Antonio, or we can meet you in the Rio Grande Valley or anywhere in the world with our remote studio.

For session info and scheduling - 888-814-0485

For all other general inquiries - 210-853-5993

If we cannot answer, please leave a detailed message.

Video Studio Tour 

Black and White Signature Portrait
BTS and Process - Ron Nirenberg 2020

Grand Scale Fine Art Wall Portraits - Sarah Lucero Calhoon in Her Own Words

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