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Get A Grand-Scale Wall Portrait That Embodies Your Story So Your Future Generations Remember Your Legacy...

From The World's Finest Portrait Artist for
High Net Worth Individuals

Portrait of Cowboy in a room
Former San Antonio Mayor Ivey Taylor

If you understand the value of fine art and bespoke craftsmanship…

And you appreciate that a large wall portrait is not just a photograph…

but a skilled creation that captures a version of you that you want your future generations to remember…

If you are someone who epitomizes sophistication… a connoisseur of fine art and luxury

… and any generic photographer does not sway you, but you’re looking for a unique artist specializing in custom-tailored large portraits that reflect your status and legacy...


... if you've been looking for a way to capture and immortalize your personal legacy, achievements, and status — in a bespoke, large portrait that is an investment-grade work of art...

Then this letter is for you…

You are undoubtedly struggling with finding an artist who can accurately and artistically capture your essence, legacy, and status (along with concerns about quality and longevity)...

So let me tell you this…

If you know that you want to achieve legacy preservation through a grand, artistic portrait that portrays your achievements, status, and personal story with a modern twist on classic artistry...

But you've found it difficult to find artists who understand your unique needs and vision…

Then, the information on this page should excite you.

Will Hurd
Equestrian fine art portrait

Why? Because we will carry your legacy forward over

200 years into the future…

So that not only your grandkids (and their kids) remember you for who you really were and what you stood for…

However, generations 200 years in the future will look at you and know what your legacy is worth.

Because I’m not just going to take a picture of you…

I will make a portrait that will carry your legacy forward for two centuries in the future.


You will have a large-scale portrait with the highest quality materials and a high-end camera worth over $100,000 (capable of easily creating a 10ft portrait in hyper-realism)…

… Ensuring a hyper-realistic, investment-grade art piece that exceeds the quality of a painting.

And not just that…

I will make sure that it is something that is a true representation of your concept of "you".

In order to accomplish this, you need to work with someone you can trust.

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Kevin G. Saunders, and I am a master portrait artist.

One thing I know for certain is that you're likely better at building your legacy than you are at documenting it.

My gift of observation and intuition, combined with my extensive career as a master portrait artist, has created the unique skill set required to capture your legacy in a way that

no other artist I know of can recreate.

I've studied human behavior and anatomy for decades. This has given me a unique perspective when creating fine art portraits.

Kevin G Saunders Self Portrait

Here’s the thing:


Capturing a subject's soul is extremely challenging and out of the scope of a generic photographer.

It’s shocking how many people work with artists they don’t fully know and trust.

What I do is unique:


My background in science and technology and my gift of observation without judgment allow me to:


Recreate your persona into a likeness of your choosing that will represent you for generations.

And I can accomplish all of this without you having to sit down multiple times with a painter…


There is no guesswork involved compared to commissioning a painting…

When you work with me, my $100,000 camera is tethered to a 50-inch monitor so you can see exactly how the portrait will develop in real time…

You will always know that the artistic direction is exactly what you want, and that is something you cannot get when you commission a painter.

With a painter, you choose a size, commission the painting, and pay for it — and it’s all guesswork after that.


When you work with me, this is all eliminated, and it’s better than a painting created by a current painter.

Kevin Saunders with his View Camera

With your own eyes, you can see what size works for you in real time.


You can see, with your own eyes, exactly what your portrait will look like.


This is something a painter cannot do.

I only work with high-net-worth people who want a portrait for legacy reasons - that is my specialty.

Here's How My Process Works in Detail

When you work with me, my $100,000 camera is tethered to a 50-inch monitor so you can see exactly how the portrait will develop in real time…

You will always know that the artistic direction is exactly what you want, and that is something you cannot get when you commission a painter.

With a painter, you choose a size, commission the painting, and pay for it — and it’s all guesswork after that.


When you work with me, this is all eliminated, and it’s better than a painting created by a current painter.

Step 1: Dignified Legacy Creation

I don’t take pictures; I make portraits. I engage with you in my studio, diving deep into your story and dignity, transforming it into a portrait that narrates your legacy for future generations.


  • I talk to you at length, uncovering the essence of your true self that you want the world & future generations to see.

  • We collaborate on every aspect to create a portrait that doesn't just capture but vividly illustrates your confidence, success, and accomplishments in a grand, visible manner.

  • I focus on bringing out the best emotions in you, ensuring that your emotional signature is captured and prominently visible. This leads to a museum-grade fine art piece that is not just a portrait but a rich continuum of your life's dignity and vision.

Step 2: Emotional Realism

We use my unique view camera and personal connection to capture the real emotion & story of you. This isn't just a portrait; it's a fine art masterpiece that future generations will cherish.

  • The camera is tethered to a 50-inch monitor, allowing you to see the portrait's development in real-time. This guarantees that the artistic direction aligns precisely with your vision. We eliminate guesswork and reduce the stress of a once-in-a-lifetime project.

  • My observational skills and empathy combine with my view camera, capturing the authentic emotion you wish to portray. Our process is simple and intuitive. As a result, you get an investment-grade world-class portrait that will be remembered and revered for over 200 years.

Step 3: Artistic Projection

I use advanced technology to visualize and refine the final portrait. This isn't just about taking a picture; it's about crafting a statement of your legacy.

  • I employ my unique projection process, allowing you to see and choose the statement your portrait will make based on size and frame options. This means you play an active role in deciding how your legacy is visually represented.

  • This advanced process ensures that every artistic detail is perfect. The result is a portrait that is not just a picture but a profound statement about who you are and what you've achieved.


Step 4: Finest Canvases and Materials

I use only the world's finest canvases for color portraits and the best archival photographic paper for black and white portraits. Each type is finished to allow presentation without using glass.

  • Using the finest materials available, I ensure your portrait has a texture and depth rivaling classic paintings. This means you get a timeless investment-grade art piece that is as luxurious as it looks.

  • Our hand-brushed strokes add an extra layer of realism and artistry to our color canvas portraits, resulting in a heirloom portrait that is not just a representation of you but a world-class statement honoring your legacy


Step 5: Luxury Experience

We ensure your portrait creation experience is as memorable as the artwork itself, taking care of you with top-tier hospitality and personalized preparation. Everything shows at this level so we care about all the details.

  • We suggest the best luxury hotel accommodations, making your portrait creation feel like an exclusive getaway. This means your experience is not just about creating the portrait but a thoughtful, memorable journey. Your mental preparation for a 200-year portrait
    is part of the process, as one usually does this
    only once in a lifetime.

  • We assist with outfits, poses, and mental focus, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident. This results in a portrait that truly reflects the best version of you, defining your legacy with integrity and authenticity. How you feel is what we capture, so it all matters.


Check Out our Video Studio Tour

Case Study: Sarah Lucero Calhoon

Sarah Lucero Calhoon celebrated her 50th birthday with a full-length, life-sized portrait. Hear her in her own words, unscripted, as she describes the experience working with Kevin Saunders.


Debbie Juhlke

Goff Family

Samuel Boullion

Monica Cain

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Are You Ready to Define Your Legacy with Art, to Tell Your Unique Story for 200 Years, and
Secure Your Place in History?

Couple portrait in luxury living room

I want to clarify that this isn't just about having a portrait. It's about creating a timeless legacy, a testament to your life and achievements, in a way that only I can deliver.

Nobody else will ever be able to provide the depth of emotional capture and ultra-realistic portrayal you will get when you work with me…

Rest assured, your legacy will be immortalized with unparalleled craftsmanship and detail in a piece of fine art that will increase in value with time.

That’s not just a promise; it's my pledge to you.

  • You don’t need to lift a finger to make any of this happen…

  • Sit back and witness the transformation of your essence into a grand portrait, effortlessly capturing your life’s achievements and status…

  •  You sit back and experience the realization of your vision, ensuring that your portrait is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects your true essence and stature...

High end portrait of beautiful woman.

Craft Your Legacy: Elevate Your Status

Museum grade black and white portrait of Leland Stone
  •  You get a bespoke, enduring symbol of your life because of my expertise in capturing genuine emotion and legacy…

  • You suddenly find yourself in possession of a timeless treasure, which creates a lasting family heirloom – and this heirloom is the crucial element that perpetuates your legacy for generations…

  • So you automatically end up with a world-class masterpiece that transcends time, showcasing not only your achievements but also the emotional depth and character that define you…

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