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"Revamping the Future: A Look at KGS Studios' Facelift 2023"

Updated: May 9

While KGS Studios has been alive since 2007, we moved to our current location in 2012. The Blue Star Arts Complex was built in 1920 so the outside looks like a converted industrial space, which is exactly what it is.

Outside View of KGS Studios in San Antonio
KGS Studios 2023

We never had control over the outside appearance as that is the landlord's responsibility but we were able to get the color black approved for the front of the studio. I could not find help to strip the decades worth of old paint off so I did it myself, as well as painted the porch, railings and door.

As anyone who paints knows, the prep is the determining factor on the outcome. To my knowledge, nobody has stripped and prepped this porch and steps in a very long time. The original color was blue over a yellow primer (maybe the yellow was paint). It was painted red when I moved in but the paint was peeling and showing blue. In 2017 or so, the landlord painted a dark brown over the rest but it quickly peeled and began to look chalky.

Kevin Saunders shown stripping old paint from KGS Studios
Kevin Saunders stripping the old paint from KGS Studios

With everything stripped I can see what is left, so I used primer designed for rusty metal. Sculptor/Artist James Hetherington created a removable railing in 2018 or so that allowed me to bring large items straight into or out of the space. These are a work of art in themselves, because this is a historic structure and we had to get design approval and permission to modify the rails from original. I'm glad to be able to thank James for his amazing work.

KGS Studios' removable front rail
Removable Rail shown in front of studio

The KGS Studios front porch has primer
Primer on KGS Studios front rails

After that, I painted the rails and door. The place looks much more high end now and it's less of a surprise when people come in and see our amazing work. You are most welcome to visit and see how we can help you.

Finished front porch at KGS Studios
KGS Studios after facelift

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