San Jose 430x269 Inches
Alamo 280 x 176 Inches

The San Antonio Missions became UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2015. Kevin spent two months in the late summer of 2015 creating a collection of Grand Scale Contemporary Art images. These hyper-realistic art pieces are presented in three limited edition collection sets of five images each.


Grand Scale - as large as 35' x 20'

Public Scale - 4' tall and 7-10' wide

Private Scale - 4' wide and proportionately tall


Each element of the Art Collection is a composition,containing up to 100 images. Using an 80-megapixel medium format technical camera with a custom gimbal and mounting rig, rows of overlapping images are created from a single point of view.


The result is an image that is composed like a single photograph or painting, yet has no loss of detail, and is massive in size. The viewer doesn’t perceive the art piece as a photograph, rather, a perfect painting, or a window opening up to the scene.


The challenge in a composition is to place the camera in the right place, at the right time, and then to capture all the images quickly enough before the light changes or the wind blows. Since all the images have to overlap perfectly, even a gust of breeze can render the set of images unusable for a big print. Afterwards, weeks of painstaking combining of images has to occur, and we must use a state of the art computer to make it possible in this time frame.


Once the image is perfect, it is ready to be printed. For the smaller two collections, we use the finest canvas, mounting, and custom frames available. Everything is museum grade, built to last for centuries. Finally, each of the smaller images receives a custom 22kt gold leaf nameplate attached to the frame.


The Grand Scale images are able to be printed and mounted on a myriad of surfaces, from glass to granite to steel, engineered for more industrial exhibits. These are perfect for public spaces as they have the durability to remain pristine in a more challenging environment than a museum or corporate lobby.


These are true artisan works of art, leveraging the composition of a master, and state-of-the-art technology. Standard photographs, even in high resolution, do not possess the detail of hundreds of images combined in one composition.



Potential patrons:​

Are you interested in potentially acquiring a Missions World Heritage set of Limited Edition Prints? Contact us for the password to our page showing all the details of this project.

Go here if you have the password and wish to see more about this amazing project.


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