Welcome to the Notable People of San Antonio in 2020 project page. We started this thinking that we would be able to create a definitive collection of San Antonio's leaders, and after we started, the pandemic happened. As such, we are hearing people state that this is now the most important portrait of their life. 

Recent honoree Henry Cisneros stated, "We are all tired from this pandemic and it could be the worst time to get a portrait made. However, I would never have the time to do this under normal circumstances so it is possibly the best time."


We look forward to educating you about our portraiture and our process. This page is dedicated to both you as an honoree in our Notable Portraits Project and to assistants learning more about who we are so they can educate their honoree. As we evolve in this pandemic, we realized that earlier on, executive assistants or marketing directors accompanied the Notable. This is not the case now so we want to provide a resource to give you everything you need to know. 

First, you will see a five-minute studio tour. We recommend that honorees and assistants watch this. It will help tremendously in showing honorees our capabilities and to get them educated prior to arriving. 

Have you seen our work?  Click here to see our Signature portraits. We can produce both black and white as well as color portraits in the same session. Many Notables who wish to be part of our black and white project get a wall portrait of that image. There are others who want to be part of the project and get a color portrait to hang in their lobby or home. This is an unlimited session and we want to create the portrait experience that matches the honoree's needs exactly. 


As a reminder, no purchase is necessary to be part of this project. If, after we do the work, an honoree wants to purchase a larger portrait they can. Let's review what our program entails.


1) Each honoree will receive an unlimited portrait session in our San Antonio studio. We will create one Black and White Signature portrait that will become part of the collection to be exhibited publicly in 2021. We are in discussions with the San Antonio Airport to have that be the initial exhibit and unveiling, but we hope you understand that given the pandemic, we are moving fluidly forward and will find a suitable place. 


2) Each honoree will receive a black and white silver gelatin 8 x 10 portrait valued at $2,000 with our compliments. They will also receive an internet sized image of the portrait for personal use valued at $1,000. There is no obligation to purchase anything to be part of this program. We have created an image release form that describes what we will do with these copyrighted images and it also describes the project's terms. Please print this and have the Honoree bring it to save time and minimize unnecessary contact given our social distancing procedures. The form is here. We will also wish to create some behind the scenes shots to share on our blog

3) The honorees will arrive and get a short studio tour to familiarize themselves with the studio. We do encourage honorees to watch the video above so this will be a much shorter tour. They will have time to get to know Kevin and prepare for the portrait session. We will discuss poses and the final look that the honoree wants and can efficiently achieve this. It is an enjoyable experience but it is different from any "photoshoot" they have attended before. We will take a few shots and then review them on the monitor so it is a collaborative experience. When the winner is chosen, we then will project that image on the wall so the honoree can see what it will look like in any size. This is the magic of the session and they can visualize effectively and very quickly. They can then tell us their choices and we can then work with staff to finalize those choices. The session will last less than an hour, but we will take all the time the honoree needs and they do not need to feel pressed for time.


4) We are paying for this project and to help defray costs we are offering honorees and their companies the opportunity to purchase additional portraits with these conditions. 

A) If they purchase two different sized portraits, the larger one will have a $2,000 print credit.

B) All follow on duplicate portraits will be priced at 50% off the published price for the print.

C) Frames are offered at our normal prices. 

D) 10% of the proceeds of purchases listed above will be donated to the charity of the Honoree's choice, in their name. 

E) The prices are the same for black and white silver gelatin portraits and our canvas color portraits. Portrait prices are here and frame prices are here

5) We have had requests for commercial prints in 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 to be purchased in bulk. We can produce these hand-printed and hand-cut prints in these and other sizes. Contact us for details.  


Here are some other useful links that you may find helpful:


Notable People of San Antonio in 2020

COVID-19 Processes and video

Thank you for your time and we hope this is an amazing experience and your portrait will be a defining image that will represent you with dignity for generations.





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