Your Dignified Legacy for Future Generations

Successful people create legacies. They are better at creating them then documenting them. My extensive career as a master portrait artist provides me the vision to find your story and to tell it visually with dignity for you.

It has taken a lifetime for me to learn to see. Now, I can help others who need their story told in a portrait and my vision translates into their own historical record.

This is like a movie with one frame. Unlike a snapshot that is glanced at and forgotten, my subjects' likeness invites study and thoughtfulness.

The wall portrait is a powerful medium to share a lifetime of achievement to someone visually. Unlike the digital medium, the emotions of the subject come through loud and clear in an elegant manner.

Clients choose between black and white or color portraits, each having unique characteristics and both able to last for generations.

I've studied human behavior for decades and find that this has given me a unique perspective in portraiture. The mechanics of capturing an image are relatively easy. 

Capturing the soul of a subject is more challenging. One must give permission.

When photography was invented, people were terrified as they thought the photographer was stealing their souls! As an empath, I think there is something to that so I make a pledge to each subject. "I will steal your soul, but I promise to take very good care of it and return it in better shape than when I stole it."

We look forward to educating you about our portraiture and our process. Click here to see our Signature portraits. If you contact us and mention the email that got you here, we will provide you with an unlimited portrait session in black and white or color, with the opportunity to purchase any size portrait and frame that will work for your company, and we will give you a complimentary internet sized digital image (value $1,000). This way you have no risk and you can see the value of our portraiture after we have done the work. 

Thank you for your time and interest. 


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