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You can send feedback with your drawings using Paperless CAD Drawing Notes or export your comments as PDM and send them to the engineering team using the new Send Feedback button in the properties box of the drawing or section.With the new Markup Import feature, you can now import a PDF or other file and add comments to your AutoCAD drawings (video: 1:05 min.)The Markup Assist feature is a new tool that lets you add comments directly to your drawing or section. When you double-click the tool icon in the toolbar, a context menu opens. Select Add Comment to open the Comments Dialog. You can enter text, choose a font size, and use your comments as a note for yourself or for someone else to look over.Markup Assist adds and modifies comments while you are working in the drawing area (video: 1:08 min.)The new icon on the Standard toolbar allows you to import and export marking tools.You can now use the TextMark Edit tool to make non-preferential characters (such as these important Japanese characters) editable:And the Unicode character drawing tools now work with the latest Unicode 13 version.Viewing and editing 2D and 3D objects:The newest version of Autodesk® AutoCAD® software continues to be the most popular 2D drafting and design program in the world, and it’s the most popular CAD application of any kind. It offers unparalleled drawing and editing features for engineering professionals. AutoCAD® software is designed to make all of your drawing, modeling, and design functions available with the latest technology. AutoCAD® also provides you with unparalleled stability, reliability, and compatibility with most CAD systems and file types. AutoCAD® includes engineering drawing and modeling tools for all CAD applications—2D and 3D—that include integrated drafting features like object snap, dimension, and constraint editing.This new version adds viewing and editing of 2D and 3D objects.You can now view and edit 2D and 3D objects in the same window, making it much easier to create 2D and 3D objects together. Select any 2D or 3D object, or view the entire drawing, and you’ll see the corresponding 3D view.Editing and connecting 2D objects in 3D drawings:You can connect 2D objects in 3D drawings and insert them anywhere you want. 2be273e24d



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