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KGS Studios Remote Studio Trailer pick up and outfitting

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

When I created the Remote Studio in the last two years, I always planned on having a custom trailer that could transport not only the studio equipment but could serve as a white glove delivery trailer for my grand scale portraits. The first trip to Miami went well, but the U haul 6 x 12 trailer was too small and I had to overload the car as well. Trailers are subject to the supply chain headaches that plague us all so the lead time for a custom trailer was 9-12 months. I found Phil's Trailer Sales in Waco which is a high-volume trailer dealer and I got almost everything I wanted in a trailer that was available in 10 weeks.

A few days ago, I drove to Waco and got the trailer and once I saw what was delivered, I had already put in place an outfitting checklist. I spent the last three days finishing out the trailer and it is ready to go anywhere in the country to bring the Remote Studio to discerning clients.

KGS Studios Remote Studio Trailer as delivered in Waco
Trailer as it was picked up in Waco Texas

The first job was to get rid of extraneous decals so the trailer would look more high-end.

KGS Studios Remote Studio Trailer
Trailer at the studio after the decals were removed

There was a box inside the trailer that contained the electric braking system battery. I had not known this would be inside so I added "E track in the front nose and then could secure my ladder which would then protect the box. I was grateful that it fit without modification.

E track in nose of KGS Studios Remote Studio Trailer
E track in nose of trailer plus ladder protecting battery box

E-track is what makes a cargo trailer very special. Moving vans have it inside and I ordered two rows of E track from the factory, but discovered I needed a third row higher up. I'm planning on loading my 34 cases up to the ceiling and this track along with ratchet straps and "load lock" beams can prevent the cargo from shifting. The more I can take advantage of this added height, the more furniture and other portraits I can carry with me.

E track and ratchet straps in the KGS Studios Remote Studio Trailer.
Three rows of E track with ratchet straps.

The side door on the trailer was not optional and I had to figure out a way to prevent the travel cases from either damaging the door or having it open should the load shift. The boxes weigh a total of 2,000 lbs so it's enough to cause a problem. I found that a plywood block would work well and if I need to mount E track on it I can. Problem solved and I can use the door again if I need it.

Plywood door block in KGS Studios Remote Trailer
Plywood door block to protect door.

The inside view shows the door block secured with two ratchet straps. I had to add a small fourth row of E track for this so if I need to, I can add the E track to the door later. Notice the wooden beams that fit into E track mounts. I have six of them and they can go anywhere. The first three will be mounted in the front so I can place something else up there, (likely easels) so they won't be damaged. If you look at the floor you can see I filled the screw holes in preparation for another coat of paint.

KGS Studios Remote Trailer inside view
Inside view of door block and wooden beams

I had some paint on hand that I keep to touch up on the studio floor as it is 100 years old and needs constant touch-ups. It is a close enough match that I put another coat of paint on the floor so it will stay cleaner looking.

KGS Studios Remote Studio Trailer with fresh floor paint.
Freshly painted floor finishes out the outfitting of the KGS Studios Trailer

I'm excited to take this trailer on its first portrait trip and look forward to seeing some of you in the process to create some amazing portraits. Thanks for taking the time to read this update.

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