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Remote Studio Concept

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

I have had the goal of earning the reputation of "best of the best" in my portraiture since 2014. This journey has allowed me to hone my craft and create heirloom wall portraits for amazing and discerning clients, many of whom have traveled long distances to my studio in San Antonio. Prior to covid, San Antonio was the biggest destination city in Texas. In 2019, I made a personal goal to earn the distinction of being invited to set up my studio at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland. A "Pop-Up" studio was needed and I spent the last couple of years designing, procuring, fabricating, and planning just such a studio.

This concept would allow me to go anywhere in the world and create portraits that are indistinguishable from my studio portraits made in San Antonio.

Today, I put all the pieces together thanks to the generosity of the Brick Event Center, who loaned me their space to test the proof of concept. This portable studio not only needed to be packed in airline travel cases but it needs more room (30 feet wide or 9 meters) than my current studio allows.

I set everything up today for the first time and I'm delighted to report that I can go anywhere now and serve the world's most discerning clients.

I created what I call my Ambassador program that details exactly how I can travel to cities worldwide. I've been meeting people in Dubai, Monaco, Geneva, Paris, Moscow, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and others and will be able to leverage existing high-level relationships for the better and create amazing heirloom wall portraits that to my knowledge are unattainable at this level.

I hope you will help me spread the word on this fabulous project to document the world's leaders at this amazing time in history.

Kevin G Saunders

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