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Dr. Bill Gonzaba - Notable People of San Antonio in 2020 Honoree

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Dr. Bill Gonzaba is the CEO and Founder of Gonzaba Medical Group. He came to the studio today and sat for his Notable People of San Antonio in 2020 portrait. These behind the scenes shots show a bit of the fun we had creating his portrait. It will be part of the Collection that will be exhibited in 2021. Our Executive Director Christine Villalta is also shown in the first image with lint brush in hand.

Dr. Bill's story is shown below, and it is most impressive. Thank you to Gonzaba Medical Group for providing it.

More than 60 years ago, Dr. Bill Gonzaba implemented a healthcare model that would

positively and forever change quality and access to medical care. Today, this is nationally known

as a full-risk healthcare model where the patient always comes first and provider organizations

fully-accountable for the health outcomes of their patients.

The original one-room office on South Flores has grown into one of the largest senior primary

care and specialty care medical groups in San Antonio. With three comprehensive medical

centers and four neighborhood clinics, Gonzaba Medical Group employs more than 700

employees that share a passion for improving the lives of San Antonio residents and seniors.

Gonzaba Medical Group has earned the Gold Seal from The Joint Commission – the most

prestigious independent evaluator in the nation and Gonzaba is among the highest-ranked by

the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

“I wanted to bring quality medical care closer to home for the friends, neighbors, and family I

grew up with,” shares Dr. Bill. “I had watched my parents and their friends suffer because of

the lack of access to medical care.”

Along with primary care, Gonzaba Medical Group expanded to include urgent care, specialist

care, preventive services and end of life care. Gonzaba offers in-house services, such as CT

scans and MRI to make patient visits convenient and efficient.

Community Commitment

Beyond Gonzaba Medical Group’s personal investment and commitment to quality care for

their patients, Gonzaba is respected for its dedication and leadership in elevating our San

Antonio community through many educational and cultural endeavors that are making a

positive impact. Over the years, Gonzaba Medical Group has partnered with and supported our

community leaders and entities, such as the city council, utility companies, non-profit

organizations such as the San Antonio Food Bank, Salvation Army, among others, to promote

better health across our city. On a daily basis, the Gonzaba Event Center on Pleasanton Road

provides educational classes, information sessions and activities to encourage senior citizens to

stay active and social. Gonzaba hosts the city’s largest dances for Seniors to encourage them to

enjoy life, stay active and be social, attracting more than 2,000 participants four times a year.

“Dr. Bill has truly transformed access to high-quality healthcare in our community,” says San

Antonio Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran. “He has made a huge difference in the lives of his

patients and their families, not only in our city but throughout South Texas.”

Patient-Centered and Physician-Led 

The key to Dr. Bill’s legacy is as a champion of good health has always been founded on his

belief to treat all patients Como Familia. Like Family.

 “People come to us with their hearts in their hands, asking for our help, seeking our trust,”

shares Dr. Bill. “Every one of us at Gonzaba Medical Group must do the right thing, every time,

every day, to earn that trust. Every patient we serve is like family. It’s my commitment to

provide quality healthcare at a very low cost.”

Dr. Bill’s vision is the foundation of what is known as the patient-centered medical home, or

PCMH – where doctors take the time to get to know the patient and ensure that they get the

right care by the most appropriate provider. 

“Medical homes focus on patients even when they are not present in the office,” says Patricia

Barrett, vice president of product delivery and PCMH for the National Committee for Quality

Assurance (NCQA). “The team takes a proactive approach to health rather than waiting for

patients to show up at the practice when they are sick.”

Gonzaba Medical Group is one of the few remaining large independent medical practices in the

U.S. founded by a physician, that continues to be a physician-led and physician-owned


Research has shown that medical outcomes improve when physicians spend more time

understanding the complexities of each patient individually. On average, Gonzaba Medical

Group physicians spend more than three times as much time with each patient, compared to

the national average.

Gonzaba provides most medical services in-house, giving Gonzaba Medical Group doctors the

opportunity to work together and collaborate for the betterment of the patient – from primary

care to specialty care. 

“I chose to practice at Gonzaba Medical Group because you can see the difference in the way

our medical teams collaborate and connect with patients to treat them and help them live

healthier lives,” says Dr. Ambur Brown. “I am honored that Gonzaba chose me to be part of its

team of providers.”

For more than 60 years, Gonzaba Medical Group has earned the trust of thousands of San

Antonio patients – generation after generation. When patients join Gonzaba Medical Group,

they get more than a doctor, they get a personalized team of professionals committed to their

health. That’s the Gonzaba Way.

Like Family. Como Familia.

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