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KGS Studios wishes to introduce our newest team member, James McKinnis.


James is perhaps best known as an international authority in the field of hand-colored photography. He is the author of two successful books and producer of an instructional video that has been distributed worldwide.


His wide-ranging portfolio ranges from elegant portrait studies to captured action photopaintings owned by athletes, teams, academic institutions, and collectors. One of his favorite collections resulted from his traveling 14,000 miles by Greyhound to all thirty MLB ballparks and is now part of the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. 


His Texas courthouse portfolio has been accepted for the National Archives at the George W. Bush Presidential Center after numerous photo essays appearing in the Texas Bar Journal and an exhibition at the State Capitol.


His ballet art includes works of the Bolshoi Ballet and the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre. Following the tradition Kevin Saunders has established at KGS in offering the best classic portraiture available anywhere, James will be available for commissioned artistic contemporary and traditional hand-colored studies at your choice of setting. Each will be unique to you as you wish to be presented at this point in your life.


James has created a unique melding of the historic medium with the latest technology and highest quality to provide you personal hand-colored archival framed canvases.