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Grand Scale
Fine Art Portraits
Exclusively by
Kevin G Saunders

John Singer Sargent perfected the Grand Scale Fine Art Portrait in the 1880s. Yousuf Karsh perfected the concept of portraiture of Heads of State and other notable people in the 1940s through 1980s. Kevin G Saunders has re-introduced this concept in the 2020s for those people wanting the best of the best with no compromises. 


Taking the portrait to its ultimate potential, Kevin has reverse engineered what was capable in the past. He then combined an ultra high-tech set of proprietary processes to create a composite wall portrait that competes with the most exclusive hand-painted wall portraits available today. 


Two options exist to commission one of these remarkable portraits, either to come for a weekend getaway in my San Antonio studio or to bring my Remote Studio and me to you anywhere in the world. 


Additionally, the technology involved in my most enormous portraits available up to 120 inches in length scales down. What this means is that all of my smaller portraits down to 11 x 14 inches contain:

  • All of the details.

  • All of the artistry.

  • All of the extreme care and hard work that my largest portraits include.

You can commission the proper portrait for your needs and know that someone cares enough to define your legacy the way you want it for a perfectly painted portrait in our new Gilded Age.


Kevin G Saunders, Master Portrait Artist

210-853-5993 - General Inquiries
888-814-0485 - Session Info and Scheduling

Please leave a detailed message if we can't answer.

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