In 2012, Kevin photographed a building that was beyond the technical limits of his digital view camera. There was seemingly no way to have a crisp, sharp image from corner to corner. Kevin had heard about "stitching" multiple images together to create a larger composite that would also allow for different projection modes to create a more aesthetic composite image. These images fall into the Contemporary Art genre of Hyper-Realism.
The resulting images are unique. They are perfect and free of errors that other "stitching" methods produce. They make superb public art and the convey a message of excellence that aligns with municipalities and corporations.
These images can be as large as 50 ft (15m) wide with no visible loss of detail when viewed from very close range.
Grand Scale Contemporary Art images have been created around the country and one of our best examples is a project surrounding the San Antonio Missions as they were inducted into UNESCO World Heritage.

See our section about the World Heritage Missions Turning Point Collection .
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A view of Lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge captured from Brooklyn. The Freedom Tower's spire had just been installed at this time in 2012.