A Collective Vision

Notable People of San Antonio 2020 Collection

2020 is a pivotal year for San Antonio, Texas, and our country. We are creating a portrait collection of our community leaders to honor them and their contributions. 

We have compiled a list of people we feel enhance San Antonio. This includes civic, cultural, business, religious, and political leaders; those who create jobs, grow our local economy, feed the hungry, educate our community, entertain and enrich us with art and music, and support the arts.

They will be honored with a complimentary session with Portrait Artist Kevin G. Saunders. Each individual will be able to choose the way they wish to be remembered & they will receive a complimentary 8 x 10 portrait (black & white silver gelatin print) & a black & white web-sized digital image. They may opt to upgrade to a larger scale portrait or color portrait, but that is not required to become a part of this collection. Those who do wish to upgrade will be further commemorated, as we will donate 10% of the proceeds to the charity of their choice. The image use and charity information are shown on this document which we will send or present at the session start. Click here for the document.


We are trying to navigate the pandemic to complete this important project & highlight all of the wonderful movers & shakers in San Antonio. We all know 2020 is a year for the history books and how important it will be to document it.

A Collective Vision

Artist's Statement | Kevin G Saunders

The Notable People of San Antonio in 2020 is a result of 52 years of preparation and observation, including six years of focused refinement on a craft that has almost become forgotten. Kevin G Saunders began learning about light in the late 1960s and has spent decades observing people from all walks of life in every imaginable condition. His many varied careers have produced an ability to “see”; to find the essence of an individual instantly. This artistic talent improved through many years of study of the great masters. Kevin’s determination to be the best of the best has resulted in a life’s work in seeking out notable individuals and creating a dignified likeness that will represent them for future generations. 

Since 2012, Kevin created collections of grand scale cityscapes, of fine art orchids, and a historical collection of the San Antonio Missions created in 2015 to commemorate their induction into the UNESCO World Heritage sites. 

In 2014, Kevin had an epiphany. A long-form photojournalist who had seen the best works of artists around the world came into the studio. He told Kevin, “Your work is some of the finest I have ever seen, but you don’t put important enough things in front of your lens.” He was referring to the fact that Kevin was photographing inanimate objects, not people. 

After much reflection and soul searching, Kevin found a connection with the artistic voice of Yousuf Karsh and found that a black and white portrait medium matched his vision the best. Kevin had already been working on collections, and he decided that a career focusing on notable people would be one where he could leave his best mark on the world. 

Kevin created some black and white portraits in 2019 with a collection of Texas musicians created for the San Antonio Riverwalk Association. In 2020, it was decided to create a definitive collection of San Antonio Notables.

The Notable People of San Antonio in 2020 Collection is a logical extension of the work Kevin has done for decades, seeking out the champions in one’s field and performing at a world-class level. It also has a future, creating collections of notable individuals from other cities, states, and countries. This is part of Kevin’s 30-year plan to leave a body of work that will define our times. 

We dedicate our first true Notable Collection to the community of San Antonio, our home. We hope this collection will not only honor our leaders but will inspire them to use their talent, resources, and abilities to lead our city into its best future as well. 

Notable People of San Antonio in 2020 Portrait Collection
Nominate a Notable Person

Help us find people who have made a contribution to our community. We're looking for business, civic, cultural, religious, and artistic leaders. Tell us why you feel they should be in this collection.

Whom are you nominating? 


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